The natural world, the human body, and the life/death cycle serve as inspiration for my Botanical Series. These pieces symbolize the love, growth, and renewal in our lives as we heal from disappointment and loss. Mother Nature is powerful and transformative. Even after death, life goes on, and new seeds sprout and flourish from the soil. Below is a selection of works from this ongoing series.

Harmonious Hive, 2023

Heart-to-Heart, 2023

Bleeding Heart, 2019, private collection

Unspoken Words, 2020

Deep Breathing, 2020, private collection

Chambers, 2018, private collection

New Beginnings, 2021

Eternity, 2019

Hold On to Hope (Metacarpal), 2020

One Small Step (Metatarsal), 2020

Tendrils, 2018, private collection

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